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Keep plenty of fuel at the ready and refuel at your convenience with an Amarillo Tanks 520-gallon fuel trailer. Amarillo Tanks offers true attention to detail with our quality fuel trailers. Our 520-gallon fuel trailers come with impeccable standard features with custom options to fit your needs. These fuel trailers are manufactured with durability you can rely on for years — the 12-gauge tank steel and heavy-duty tandem axles will get to locations efficiently and safely. Amarillo Tanks offers manufacturing expertise with a 100-year, field-tested, legacy design. The handcrafted intuitive features are worth the investment.

520-Gallon Fuel Trailers

  • Durable 12-gauge steel, 520-gal. fuel tank
  • Heavy-duty tandem axles
  • Sizing capabilities for pumps installation or additional equipment
  • Standard brakes, taillights, rear axle brakes, breakaway and safety chains
  • Optional pumps, hoses and fittings to complete the fueling system
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