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Tired of traveling to secure fuel and oil supplies? Amarillo Tanks can streamline your operation with an on-site 520-gallon fuel and oil tank. Our robust, steel tank construction can help reduce frequent trips by offering simple, secure and efficient fuel and oil storage and dispensing. Our 520-gallon fuel and oil tanks are built with D-ring lifters for easy transportation and hookup, and a flanged head. All of our above-ground tanks can be equipped with filtration systems, containment valve boxes, meters, pumps, hoses and other accessories. Amarillo Tanks provide a long tank life thanks to our quality assembly and great attention to detail. Our rigorously field-tested fuel and oil tank systems pass all Underwriter's Laboratories criteria for above-ground storage of flammable and combustible liquids. Call today for a custom tank order or purchase an in-stock standard tank design for fast delivery.

520-Gallon Fuel and Oil Tanks

  • Standard openings: two 2-in. openings in top, 1-1/4-in. gauge opening, 3/4-in. drain and 2-in. outlet
  • Multiple design options: overhead, box runner and skid tanks
  • Single-wall agricultural steel tanks
  • Double-wall commercial-grade steel tanks
  • Custom volumes, dimensions, opening arrangements, stands, containments and UL tanks (available in stock or upon request)
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