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You are one 3000-gallon fuel and oil tank away from owning a private fuel and oil set up by Amarillo Tanks. This large steel tank provides ample fuel and oil supply with secure, efficient dispensing. Our 3000-gallon fuel and oil tank system has been rigorously tested and passes all Underwriter's Laboratories criteria for above-ground storage of flammable and combustible liquids. Call today to purchase a standard 3000-gallon tank design or upgrade to a double-wall commercial-grade tank to fit your needs. Complete any order with a containment valve box, filtration system, meter, pumps, hoses and more add-ons.

3,000-Gallon Fuel and Oil Tanks

  • Standard openings: two 2-in. in top, 1-1/4-in. gauge opening, 3/4-in. drain and 2-in. outlet
  • Multiple design styles available 
  • Single-wall agricultural steel tanks 
  • Double-wall commercial-grade steel tanks
  • Custom volumes, dimensions, opening arrangements, stands, containments and UL tanks (available in stock or upon request)
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