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A 298-gallon fuel and oil tank from Amarillo Tanks can help any jobsite by offering simple, secure and efficient storage and dispensing (not to mention reduced travel for fuel). These tanks are built with high-grade steel and transportation focused features like D-ring lifters and a flanged head. All of our above-ground 298-gallon fuel and oil tanks can be supplied with filtration systems, meters, pumps, hoses and containment valve boxes. Amarillo Tanks manufacture every product with great attention to detail for a long life — quality construction is something we hang our hat on. Start a custom tank order today or purchase an in-stock standard tank design for immediate delivery.

298-Gallon Fuel and Oil Tanks

  • Standard openings: two 2-in. in top, 1-1/4-in. gauge opening, 3/4-in. drain and 2-in. outlet
  • Multiple design styles available: overhead, box runner and skid tanks
  • Single-wall agricultural steel tanks 
  • Double-wall commercial-grade steel tanks
  • Custom volumes, dimensions, opening arrangements, stands, containments and UL tanks(available in stock or upon request)
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